Cooperative Light and Power is bringing tower-based, wireless Internet service to the Cloquet Valley

Are you interested in a new wireless Internet service from Cooperative Light and Power?

If so, please complete the form below to let CLP know you’re interested in having it come to your township. (And, don’t forget to click the “submit” button.)


CLP is currently deploying towers to host Internet service in the CVII townships. CLP wireless is now reaching many people in Alden, Normanna, Gnesen and North Star Townships. The newest tower was installed along Barrs Lake Road (North Star Township) and reaches customers around Briar and Barrs Lakes. New wireless towers and repeater systems are actively being explored in Pequaywan and southern Ault Townships.

Costs and fees

CLP is offering service at two levels — 3 MBPS and 7 MBPS, for $50/month and $60/month respectively.

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No data caps

Unlike satellite and cell wireless service, data use is not limited. Instead, a “Fair Access” policy applies, which means that downloads/uploads initially operate at 7 (or 3) MBPS until a certain amount of data has been transferred, then ramp down to 1.5 Mbps until completion, when service resumes at 7 (or 3) MBPS.

If you are interested in getting more information about this service, contact CLP (Kevin Olson, 218-834-2226,


To justify a tower in your area, CLP needs to know how many people are likely to purchase the service and where they live, in order to site the tower.

So, if you think you might be interested, please fill out this online form and submit it. You are not making a financial commitment by submitting this form. Your response and contact information will remain confidential. [Information fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.]

Interest in CLP's wireless Internet service
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