CVII continues search for Internet options

Cloquet Valley Internet Initiative (CVII) continues to promote high-speed broadband Internet in rural townships, including Alden, Ault, Fairbanks, Gnesen, Normanna, North Star and Pequaywan and adjacent unorganized townships. The goal of the CVII is to achieve broadband speeds in the townships that meet the State of Minnesota broadband goal of at least 10 Mbps down/6 Mbps up.

Your CVII Team continues to engage in the Minnesota broadband discussions, and we are reaching out to Internet providers, regional politicians, and broadband leaders in our pursuit of broadband improvements. Over the last year, CVII team members have presented our story to the Minnesota Association of Townships, to staff of the IRRRB, and to other rural townships and interested folk.”

CLP wireless towers now up at Pequaywan

pequaywantowerThe two fixed wireless internet towers that will serve Big and Little Pequaywan are up!

After a period of testing and adjustment, Cooperative Light and Power (CLP) should be able to begin installation of customers in December.

If you have already signed up with the online form on the CVII Website (click here), your information has been forwarded to Kevin Olson, who is leading the project for CLP. If you have not signed up, you can contact Kevin directly at


If you’re considering signing up for another service or for an extended contract with your current provider, you might want to take a close look at the CLP service before you lock into something else.

> Read more about the CLP project here.

Why Broadband?

A broadband Internet connection is important right now, but it will be even more important in the future. Whether it is telemedicine or telecommuting, education or entertainment, online banking or online shopping, a broadband Internet connection will be a necessity for you to realize all the Internet has to offer in the not too-distant future. cvii_globe Residents of remote rural areas need many of these services even more than city dwellers. So, broadband is every bit as important as your roads, your electricity supply, and your water. But some parts of our area don’t have any Internethref=””style=”color:#333;text-decoration:none”> Valley Internet Initiative (“CVII”) was formed to seek solutions to this problem. Through a survey of area residents and two feasibility studies (to read a summary of each study, click here

and here), we discovered our area has much to offer partners and providers who want to join us in attaining our goal of bringing high-speed broadband to this region. This Website is part of CVII’s efforts to make sure we are not left behind in taking advantage of what the future Interne t has to offer.

Fact Sheet

Read this Fact Sheet on rural broadband from the Center for Rural Policy and Development.


Broadband 101

Definitions: FTTH? FFTN? MBPS? DSL? We help you make sense of the terms. Types of Internet connections:

 Find out the pros and cons of each. What providers are available here? Different areas have different options.

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Q. Why do we need broadband Internet service? Broadband connects you to the world and lets do things that were previously impossible (or at least very difficult). With a broadband Internet connection, you could… >  Read more